It's crazy that most lottery players will only spend a few dollars to try and win millions


Even a $10 million jackpot takes some effort in winning it.

Imagine you're about to step into the limo, ready to head out to the lottery headquarters to pick up your $10 million check.

As you sink back into the seat, you're thinking how that vast sum is probably 1000 times more than you'll ever earn in your lifetime, total.

In fact, I doubt you will NEVER get that amount all at once, ever - not matter what you tried:

  1. An oil company may discover black gold on your ranch property and negotiate a princely sum for it. What's that? You don't own a ranch?

  2. Maybe you are a commercial property owner and strike it lucky, after many years of buying, selling and skillful negotiating. You MIGHT get that amount from selling a multi-tower office building.

  3. You may build another Google, Facebook or Whatsapp. But even in today's internet bonanza times, it's very unlikely you'll develop and sell a digital business at that price without a lot of background and connections.

Only one person out of many millions has the skills and ability to be rewarded like this. So you can see the chance of getting $10 million in a lump sum this way is almost impossible.

Betting? Horse racing, gaming, poker... none of them generate this kind of money. And especially not every week like the one I'm going to mention now.

The only exception - and you know it - is...

The lottery.

Nothing comes close to the lottery for enormous rewards.

And that huge opportunity is why I throw all my resources at it EVERY week to hit the big time.

So what's that chance worth to you? And how much would you really spend to get a hold of millions of dollars?

What's the amount you would put forward each week to grab this fortune?

The crazy thing is that most players - and I mean 99.999999% of all players - think they would spend about $5-6 a game.

They say $5-6 is the most they will spend on tickets to be rewarded with the chance of winning millions of dollars in return.

And most of the lottery world (wrongly) thinks that way.

Except the lottery winners, of course.

There are thousands of us every week around the world, winning prizes from a few dollars all the way up to the giant Powerball and Mega Millions prizes. We have many of them here too... even a genuine $22.2 million winner.

Now, if you only had one way to make $10 million, wouldn't you spend as much time and money as you could to achieve it?

Now is the time to start planning towards it.

Now is the the time to decide to make winning your priority. The rewards are vast. Winning big brings you untold personal pleasure. Even the simple act of being able to do what you want, when you want, is an amazing freedom to experience.

You need all the tools to strengthen your winning position, and the Silver Lotto System is the first step. Give this week your best chance and grab life with both hands. The rewards are enormous.

I wrote this article because sometimes we all need a reminder of how extraordinary the chances are of getting a vast sum in one go. Nothing comes close than the lottery, believe it.