Lottery success is planned... not much is luck. Here's 7 ways to win more

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Brad Duke won $220 Million with Powerball in 2005. He said that planning to win was a big part of his success.

Check these 7 important tips so you can win enough to change your life completely.

Success is planned. Not much is luck. Follow these actions to ensure you get a good chance at your lotto game this week:

#1. Use real money to test my System.

You'll regret it if you win only on paper. Every few weeks I have someone write me to say they forgot to play, or were prevented from playing - only to miss a huge prize.

#2. Play less with more.

If you are stretched on funds, play less often and use more Profile lines/tickets. Most players wrongly do this the other way round.

#3. If this is your first play, double check to see that you have entered all the numbers correctly.

And that you have the right number of tickets. One player forgot to tear up his test ticket and paid for two sets of numbers - a waste of play money.

#4. Keep your tickets in a pouch or folder.

I was standing behind a lady in a store who pulled out a very crumpled lottery ticket. It had to be put through the lotto machine twice because it couldn't be read properly. Your tickets have to last a while, so make sure they are protected. I use a custom cover provided by the lottery store.

#5. Make sure you have left enough time to play before the game's deadline.

This following post is an excellent example of how one player lost $27 million by not meeting the deadline: This Is The Most Dangerous Time To Avoid When Buying Your Lottery Tickets.

Canadian Joel Ifergan got this important deadline wrong and missed out on $27 million. Photo: CTV News

#6. After the draw, get your tickets checked by the retailer.

Even if you only have a few. Or use the self-serve checker that many stores have on the counter these days. The risk of getting even one of the numbers wrong and missing out on a prize is too great.

#7. Don't give up too soon. 

While this seems an obvious statement, the fact is that many people play for a few weeks and give up when they don't get sizable winnings. I can tell you - after playing since 1991, that the rewards are enormous... millions of dollars are out there for the taking.

My advanced PRO was the key to getting Cathy there: 

Dear Ken,

You wonderful man and your splendid system got me $67,000 in the second prize (where I played only half the amount you suggested to me). The pro is what I used and it came up with the numbers easily and in record time! I spent $40 but it was well worth all the spare money I had to win this amazing amount. I have never won a lottery before I used yours.

Cathy K. (wibb*******