Lottery winner gets millionaire treatment and a giant check for his $1 prize in Iowa Lottery


Big prize, big check. That’s how it usually goes, and a previous article here showed how true that was.

Until Tyler Heep of Des Moines thought it would be fun to have his single dollar scratchcard win from the Iowa Lottery placed on a giant check.


Benjamin’s Custom Framing and Fine Art offered to frame the cheque for free. PHOTO: Facebook/ Benjamin’s Custom Framing

He wrote on Facebook: ‘I told them I’d like one of those big ceremonial cheque as payment. I figured it would be worth a shot and they all thought it was really funny.’

And the Lottery found his request so amusing they brought out their novelty cheque book and presented Mr Heep with his prize, reported Metro.

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It got better for Tyler - he was treated like a millionaire winner by the Lottery.

Speaking to NBC 13 News he said: ‘They decided to treat me just like a million dollar winner.’


‘The guy came down the stairs and they took me into the back room where the camera was with the Iowa Lottery logo.’

Mr Heep said he spent ‘$5 of losing tickets to get this one dollar’ when he bought the winning scratchcard at a Des Moines petrol station.


Tyler was even interviewed on The Morning Show and explained about his cheeky request to the Iowa Lottery.

It’s not known how much Iowa Lottery spent on the big cheque, but according to UK’s leading Big Cheque Company, an extra large lottery cheque can cost as much as $178.

Tyler Heep being interviewed about his check on The Morning Show.