Lottery winner goes from a mansion to a one-bed bungalow and says he couldn't be happier


Roy Gibney 64, won the UK National Lottery jackpot in 1998 and bought a Lincolnshire mansion. PHOTO: Daily Mail

Twenty years ago Roy Gibney won £7.5 million (US$9.5M). Now the former sheetmetal worker is broke, but says he has never been happier.


The lavish 6 bedroom home bought by winner Roy Gibney that featured a very unique pool.

The 64-year-old’s 25 acre, 6-bed mansion with fishing lake and special inlaid swimming has gone, and he’s happily living in a semi-detached home in Grimsby, reports the Daily Mail.


Mr Gibney with former girlfriend Meaka Edwards. PHOTO: Daily Mail

Soon after his win he had his lottery numbers tiled on the bottom of his indoor swimming pool to commemorate the happy event.

Little did he know that his good fortune would come to an end in 2014 with his divorce from second wife Darlene Shand.


The £7.5 million winner gets a kiss from his daughters Lucy, left, and Laura after scooping the UK National Lottery jackpot in 1998. Photo: Grimbsy Telegraph

With his property portfolio sold off and most of his remaining money swallowed up by his divorce, Mr Gibney moved in to a one-bedroom bungalow which he had previously bought for his mother.

And he has found love again with Tracey Baker, 58, who he previously dated, and the pair are renovating a £300,000 five-bedroom home in the town.

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