Lottery Winner Is Selling His Prized Mansion Which Includes A 50-Foot Lotto Numbered Pool


Roy Gibney at the pool with his then-girlfriend Meaka Edwards. 

After 20 years living in a grand home he bought with some of his £7.5 Million (US$10.3M) UK National Lottery win, Roy Gibney has decided it's time to move on.


One of the first alterations he made to the home in 1998 was to have the amount he won, his winning numbers, and the date he won set in the tiles of the 50ft indoor pool.


Roy Gibney (left) and Robert Gale of Altringham celebrating after they both won a £7.5m jackpot prize in 1998.

The former metal worker is hoping that his good luck will rub off on any prospective owner. 

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He is selling the property he bought with his winnings for just £375,000, for a whopping £1.125m after some serious upgrading.


The property is named Brambles, and comes with an indoor swimming pool that has Roy Gibney's name and his winning numbers on it.

The six-bedroom house in Barnoldby-le-Beck near Grimsby also has a 17-acre garden with a fishing lake, timber lodge, two-storey garage and all-weather tennis court.


In the next room over from the pool, which has its own changing rooms, steam room and a jacuzzi, is a huge conservatory for relaxing after a tough workout.

SOURCE: Daily Mail