Missing cat lottery ad gets backlash from cat owners who call it disgraceful

The latest ad from the National Lottery has caused a hissyfit from cat lovers.

Hundreds of people have complained to Camelot and the Advertising Standards Authority along with criticism on social media about the 30-second ad.

It’s because they believe the ad suggests players will be more likely to win a lottery prize than find their missing feline.

The ad from the UK National Lottery shows a woman putting up a lost cat poster on a street lamp post next to the busy A202 road in London.


She gives a tender kiss to the photo of her 6-year-old tabby, and the camera cuts to the busy road.


Then the ad goes on to show the chances of finding the cat in the busy area to be zero, while a lottery scratch-off has a chance of 1 in 4 of winning.


And cat owners are angry about the insensitive ad. On the lottery’s Facebook page visitors have said the campaign is cruel, disgusting and disgraceful.

A very small minority of commenters did see the funny side of the advert however, reported Metro.

Stuart Maclaren said: 'I think it's funny and true - why would it be offensive?'

And some viewers simply thought the advert was wrong.

Kaila Ness said: 'My cat's gone missing four times just this year - and I haven't won the lottery once.

'I found my cat every time though. What are the odds.'

Camelot, owners of the UK National Lottery said: 'The ad in question is one of a series of six different ads for our GameStore range of instant win games.

'Shown only on certain online channels and video-on-demand services, we wanted the campaign, which finishes this month, to come across as tongue-in-cheek and not to be taken too seriously.

'The ad in question is entirely fictionalised and no cats actually appeared in it.

'Nonetheless, we are aware that a small number of people are unhappy about the ad and we’re really sorry if we’ve unintentionally caused any offence or distress. We will certainly pass their feedback to the relevant teams here.'