Now You Can Get Our Lottery Products Free In A Daily Draw


Our popular Free Daily Draw is now live again. The Draw was originally launched in 2016 and ran for a year as part of our charity arm, giving products away to help players win the lottery. It’s now back by popular demand, and offers a choice of 3 of our products every day. Here’s some commonly asked questions about it:

What is this Draw all about?

It's a free daily draw with a prize given out each day, even on the weekends, or Xmas Day.

What are the Prizes?

You get a chance to win either of two mighty Silver Lotto products worth over $100 in a Daily Draw. You'll have everything you need to win the lottery faster and more often.

There are more coming, so keep visiting the website.

How do I win these Prizes?

By being subscribed to our newsletter and opening it each time.

How does it work?

Every day - including Christmas Day and holidays - we'll be drawing a random email address from our newsletter mailing list. Then we'll put it on the Free Daily Draw website.

If that email address is yours, you collect the prize.

Hold on - you're putting MY address out there for any spammer to pick up?

Of course not. Every address has asterisks blocking out part of the email so it's impossible for anyone to guess your email. After a year of doing this in 2016, not one email was exploited or compromised. It's very secure.

How do I start, and what happens next?

You visit the website every day just after noon my time, NZST, to see if your email is there.

For a timezone guide, here’s some examples:

  • 10 am in Sydney

  • 5 pm in Los Angeles

  • 8 pm in New York

  • 8 pm in Ontario

  • 1 am in London UK

Then you'll claim your prize by sending us an email with your choice of the prizes.

Everything's set out on the web page, it's easy to follow.

Do I only get one entry?

Here's the good news about could win again. And again.

Your email address goes back into the Draw each time.

And since the email selection is totally random, so there's a chance yours could come up again.

So yes, you could get more than one prize if you're lucky.

Visit the Free Daily Draw at

Or by going to the FREE website menu above.