20-min pizza wait turns Canadian woman into a lottery millionaire with a $2 million jackpot win


She may never have to cook again if she chooses. Waiting for a pizza turned this Surrey, B.C. woman into a multi-millionaire.

BC49 game winner Anita Snyder says she only bought her winning lottery ticket because there was a 20-minute wait for her pizza.

Anita is now $2 million richer as a result of killing time as she waited for her order. She popped into a drug store, and was told about a special deal.


Anita bought her winning BC49 ticket at this London Drugs store at Morgan Crossing in Vancouver.

"The woman [at the London Drugs at Morgan Crossing] said there was a new $30 Weekly Pack for all the draws, so I thought I'd try it," Snyder said to the B.C. Lottery Corporation.

When she got home, she scanned her ticket for the June 26 BC/49 draw using BCLC's Lotto app (above).

All six numbers on her ticket were a match.

"The only reason I scanned the ticket was because I was changing my purse before I left for lunch," she said.


"I ran into my husband's room and asked him if he could see the $2 million too. I think I screamed."

She said she called BCLC to confirm, because it "didn't feel real."

Originally from Montreal, Snyder and her husband have lived in South Surrey for nearly two decades.

They're still getting over the excitement of their win, but plans to visit Montreal are underway.

Their other planned purchases will be a business investment and a bottle of champagne.