How To Plan Your Week With These 7 Simple Lottery Success Steps


What have you done so far this week? When I ask you that question, I don't mean:

  • Did you put out the trash? (But I hope you didn't toss out your lottery ticket like the Martinez's in the photo above. They recovered it in time to win $65 million).

  • Did you clean up your work desk?

  • Did you gas up the car? (or plug in your electric car?)

  • Did you save five bucks by brown-bagging your lunch?

No, I mean this - have you planned to increase your wealth with lotto this coming week?

As you know, part of winning the lottery is luck… but luck can play as little as 2% if you follow my Silver Lotto System to the letter. I get as much as a 98% win rate. Not much left to chance there!

But bigger success can be planned and organized with very little effort.

Use this quick 7-step guide to get you going:

STEP ONE: Decide which lotto game you're going to play. Some of you may not have any choice... there may only be one game in your area.

TIP: If you have a choice, your odds of winning will be higher if you choose a game with the LEAST number of balls and numbers. Check out your game at LottoPredict for those.

STEP TWO: Select which tool you will use to play that game. As far as I'm concerned, there is only one method… the Silver Lotto System coupled with PRO. Fill out your tickets - you'll only need to do it only once in your lifetime, or until you get a major prize and retire!

STEP THREE: Decide how much you can spend per game. As you know, my system will allow you to play with as little as $10-$20 a game. But the more you play, the better chance you have. For example, I get wins in every game by playing the full set of Profiles. The more you play, the better it pays!

STEP FOUR: Take action! How many days until your next draw? You've got time to buy the System, take 30 minutes to fill it out, and then pop down to your local lotto outlet on the game day if you do it now.

STEP FIVE: After the game - and especially if you've taken a large number of tickets - go back to your lotto outlet and get them to put the numbers through for you. That's a good double-check against any mistakes.

STEP SIX: Collect your winnings from the outlet (congratulations if you won!) and buy the next set of tickets at the same time.

STEP SEVEN: Repeat steps 4 to 6 each week. You now have a simple plan to accelerate your lotto progress, and you may get results like James:

Hi Ken,

I bought your system and I have been a constant winner since. To date I have won $33,675.00! My last win was this past Wednesday when I knocked off another $1,370.00!


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