How to play the lottery on a shoestring budget: 14 ideas to afford more tickets


Anna Springer holds up a Mega Millions ticket bought with her last $4. We tell you how to afford more of them. Photo: Bill Lackey

Want to win more? Play more. Because the best way to improve your winning rate is to buy more tickets. But if you're financially stretched as many people are sometimes, then you've got to get a little creative in your buying.

The answer is to release more money from stuff you own, or tasks that cost a lot. Here's 14 ways to instantly add to your income this week:

#1 - Don't buy little-used clothing. Have to wear a suit this week for an occasion? Don't waste dollars on something you'll only wear once a year - borrow one from a friend. Or hire it.

#2 - Sell off your unused closet items. Got clothes you have rarely worn? There are second-hand stores that will take them off you and give you cash.

#3 - Stay in. If you regularly visit a restaurant or bar each week, try inviting your friends round and ask them to bring a glass/plate.

#4 - Freeze your gym membership. Don't cancel, you'll lose the benefits. Just freeze your membership for a few weeks and benefit from the fees you don't spend.

#5 - Don't spend on any unnecessary items for a week. It's easy to do... just ask yourself if you REALLY need to buy it. You'll find a lot of costs can be postponed, putting it directly into your own pocket again.

#6 - Go freelance. If you have a talent as a writer, designer, software guy, people will pay you for it. Try or There are many more online agencies, just google for them.

#7 - Make a grocery list when you're shopping. Stick to it. Supermarkets are skilled at making you part with your cash on impulse, so get the last laugh on them.

#8 - Quit smoking. BIG savings in money and health.

#9 - Use a water filter. More expensive to buy initially, but now you don't have to buy bottled water ever again.

#10 - Have a yard or boot sale. Your junk is another person's treasure. And you get rid of clutter too.

#11 - Collect old debts. Does a friend owe you? Get tough and collect! (With a smile).

#12 - Barter instead of buying. It's amazing what people will trade if you only make the suggestion first. Haircuts and child care are a good start.

#13 - Sell your old DVDs or video games.

$14 - Buy generic brands. Food, eyeglasses, drugstore items... all have cheap substitutes that will save you as much as half off.

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