Your old or expired lottery tickets could be worth a lot more than you realize


Rick Kenny was $100,000 richer after purchasing a losing scratch-off ticket.

Do you keep your old lottery tickets, or throw them away? My recommendation is to ditch them if they are lottery tickets, but keep them if they are scratch-offs. There doesn't seem to be any use for old lottery tickets after 6 months.

But do this only after you have checked these points:

  • Make sure they have been checked by the store or their machine. This is no time to wonder whether you read the numbers correctly.

  • Make sure you don't have any unchecked bonus tickets. Sometimes these can look like the other tickets, so check first.

  • Some stores and games hold a redraw where you put your non-winning tickets in a box to go into a further draw later. Check with your store or lottery organization before you throw them away.

This video explains more about how losing lottery tickets can benefit you.

Rick Kenny's scratch-off ticket in the $100,000 Home Changer game was initially a losing draw.  Prudently, however, Kenny didn't drop the ticket in the trash. 

Instead, he entered it into the $100,000 Home Changer Scratcher Promotion. And to his great surprise, that losing ticket then magically became a winner.