Rare Lottery Share-Out: 40 Winners Claim Jackpot Prize For First Time Since 1987


The first draw shown here in New Zealand was made in 1987.

Last night the largest number of players ever to win a First Division jackpot prize in New Zealand were probably wiping away their tears of disappointment.

The major prize was divided among them giving each player only $25,000 instead of the $1 million they were expecting. It was the largest number of players to share a jackpot since the game began in 1987.

The winning tickets were sold at Countdown Hastings and New Brighton Lotto and Discounter in Christchurch. The winning numbers were: 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, and Bonus ball 36.

NOW WATCH: First 1987 draw of the New Zealand Lottery.