Real Life Test: Can ANYONE Win If They Buy $60 Worth Of Lottery Tickets?


Can Quick Pick tickets perform better than my System? I decided to put them to the test.

It started off when I got an email from Jerry. It was friendly enough:

"Ken, I have been checking out your system, and it seems that anyone could win a prize if they bought $60 worth of tickets like you do."

Well, with my System you can actually win by spending less too - as little as $10 sometimes. But I decided to run a real life test.

And to make it more interesting, I would match my System against random Quick Pick tickets.

The assistant in the lotto store looked at me with surprise.

"You sure you want to do this?" she said. "Most people only spend a couple of dollars on quick picks you know."

That was good of her to ask.


Paul White won nearly $150 Million with a QuickPick ticket, but does that mean every QuickPick will win?

But I said nicely, "please do the order, I know what I'm doing," I smiled.

So she did. Then I surprised her again.

I bought another $60 worth of tickets from my Silver Lotto System.

As I left the store I'm sure she thought I was crazy.

So I had bought $60 worth of quick picks... picked by the store's lottery computer.

Then I had bought $60 worth of tickets from my System.

And I sat back and waited until draw night. What do you think happened?

Here's the results.


The picture on the left show the tickets that I won from the 60 dollar's worth of quick picks. Yup, none.

The 3 tickets on the right were the wins from my System. And by winning $117 from them I had made that $60 investment back - nearly twice over to cover my quick pick losses.

I agree $120 was a lot of money to spend just for a test I knew I'd win. But it proved again the effectiveness of my System each time I use it.


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