RICH IS: Renting This Spectacular Ultra Modern Glass Home In Beverly Hills For $59,000/Month


It’s fit for a lottery winner, but cool homes don't come cheap. Before he got married to Hailey Baldwin, pop icon Justin Bieber rented this spectacular home at the end of a cul de sac in Hollywood, and paid nearly $60,000 a month for the sleek building. Photo: Front Door

The $11.9 million view from across the swimming pool.

Fancy a home office looking out to the pool?

There is an industrial-style kitchen to cater for dozens of guests.

The sheltered courtyard is enormous.

The entrance to the front door of the 7,500 sq ft home is spectacular.

The home boasts a 6 car garage, infinity edge pool and panoramic views from all rooms.

The 5 bed, 6 bath glass house lit up at twilight.

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