RICH IS: When Dressing Down Is More Expensive Than Dressing Up


Even on the red carpet you’ll see sneakers matched with suits. So when new lottery winners need to make a fashion statement, they won’t go wrong with a pair of $15,000 Zanotti sneaks inspired by the king of pop, Michael Jackson himself.

And the pair - called Number One - featured in the photo above, are a one-of-a-kind sneaker style and the only pair in existence. Although the price may come at a steep cost, it’s all for a good cause. The shoes have been put up for auction to benefit the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

The second the style was announced, many were thrilled and wanted to get a pair, causing Zanotti to create 1,999 more pairs, reported The Richest.


But for sheer star power, beating even Nikes and Yeezys, Italian brand Golden Goose sneakers produced a pair of dirty looking shoes with duct-tape wrapped around the toe.

The Superstar Taped Sneaker from the Italian brand are available on Nordstrom and already sold out - retails for a whopping $530.

The sneakers are described as having a “crumply, hold-it-all-together tape details a distressed leather sneaker in a retro low profile with a signature sidewall star and a grungy rubber cupsole."

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