Should you follow this weird lottery ticket number trend that won one man $6 million?

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The Silver Lotto System is based on playing the same batch of different numbers repeatedly over many games.

But a resident from Arizona, USA won $1 million six times in a 2012 Powerball lottery by using the same numbers in one game.

The man, who lives in Glendale and has chosen to remain anonymous, claimed six of 10 winning Powerball tickets in the April 25 drawing

As a result the man claimed 6 of 10 winning Powerball tickets in the April 25 drawing and received $6 million all up.

The winner bought tickets with the same numbers: 4, 25, 29, 34 and 43, and used different Powerball numbers. The combination landed him a second-prize of $1 million for each ticket.

The winner picked up his winnings in three visits to the lottery's Phoenix location, according to Karen Bach, an Arizona Lottery spokeswoman.

So should you buy multiple tickets with identical numbers to increase your winnings if the numbers are drawn?

My recommendation is no.

The chances of getting the right combination multiple times is statistically remote that it ends up being purely chance and has no chance of ever being repeated.

There are no recorded incidences of this tactic working anywhere else. He was very lucky.

Instead use proven figure matches of the Silver Lotto System and PRO to get more frequent wins more often - without the risk.