Store demands ID from amazed white-haired pensioner, 73, wanting to buy lottery tickets


Mike Rigler didn’t expect to be quizzed on his age when buying his lottery ticket. PHOTO: Metro

‘I had to produce my driving licence – I was gobsmacked.’ This was the astounded reaction from white-haired pensioner Mike Rigler after being asked for ID to buy a lottery ticket.

He is aged 73.

The shocked senior citizen had popped into his local branch of Wilko in Dorset, Britain to pick up the Lotto ticket when the sales assistant demanded he proved his date of birth, reported Metro.

Despite being 57 years over the minimum age to legally purchase the £2 ticket – which is just 16 – retired Mike was forced to hand over his driving licence.

The gobsmacked granddad-of-nine said: ‘I asked the sales assistant for a lucky dip for Saturday’s draw and couldn’t believe it when she asked to see some ID.’

The bizarre incident happened in the Bournemouth branch of Wilko in Dorset, UK.

Mike added: ‘I walked away in shock. And just to round things off, I didn’t even get one blooming number.’

A spokesman for Wilko said: ‘We are required by law to have checks in place for the sale of Lotto tickets and our team members are prompted at the till to ask unless the customer is visibly over 25. ‘

‘On this occasion it appears we didn’t quite get it right and we’ll pick up with the store – we’re sorry for any embarrassment caused.’

He added: ‘We hope the customer saw the funny side of the request and took it as a compliment.’

SOURCE: Natasha Rigler, Metro

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