Always check first! Don't assume your crazy lottery number sequence will fail


A bit of history for you. Back in 2013 I had a spectacular success... I won 2 prizes from the worst set of draw numbers I have ever seen.

In the past, I've said that it is unlikely you'll get a sequence like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in a row.

Well, this was close to it.

Look at the numbers below. It should have been a massive fail.

And yet I still managed to achieve two prizes totalling nearly $70. And both of these tickets had the potential to be a major prize or jackpot with another win number added.

I celebrated. In fact, you should always celebrate when you get any kind of lottery prize with my System.

Because the likelihood of that number being a major prize is better than any of the other many millions of combinations.


Here's my first thought when I saw these numbers for the draw:

16, 33, 34, 36, 38, 39.

"Crazy! Where did these numbers come from!"

And don't forget I'm an experienced player. I've got a good idea which pattern will hold the winning numbers just by looking at them.

In fact, a short while back I saw a pattern that looked so good I knew I couldn't lose.


Sure enough, when I had them checked by the store, they were as amazed as I was.

I had gotten 22 tickets In one game! That's the tickets above.

But the previous oddball 2013 pattern was really hard to predict.

So how do you think I got these two wins?

With the PRO Custom Profiles.

You see, these close-packed draw figures were far away from the normal System pattern.

But PRO saved the day.

Seriously, if you're ever wondering how to prevent losses and turn them into wins, PRO is the way to go!