14 crazy lottery signs that will make you giggle, or wonder - what they were thinking with #7!


Look around and you find the oddest signs that involve the lottery, such as when Waynes Hughes decided to make his £1.1 million (US$1.4M) National Lottery win memorable. So he had the date and numbers tattooed on his shoulder. Hope the tattooist didn't make a mistake!

dogsign (1).jpg

Dog owners in China's New Taipei City will be handed out lottery tickets in exchange for their doggy's poop. It's part of a clean-up campaign that could win them gold ingots worth over $2,000.


This T-shirt caption says it all! “Yes, I’m psychic. No, I will NOT tell you the winning lottery numbers!”


You can ignore last week’s fortune cookie lucky numbers because this one is the real deal!

lottery-sign-neon (1).jpeg

This unique lottery store neon sign featuring a Road Runner was discovered in New Mexico.


Looks like Saturday’s Powerball jackpot has gone into the red, sitting at minus $10 million. Via Reddit


It’s fairly obvious that a Free ticket means exactly that. But this shop had enough questions about it they had to spell out the Louisiana Lottery’s policy.


Let’s hope your prayers are answered when you hang this sign up in your kitchen!


Winning the lottery is all about the percentage chances. Wonder how this one really measures up.


Whoops! Looks like the employee responsible for the store sign change didn’t realise the irony of not being able to play OR win!


Someone with a sense of humor made this sign and attached it to the store results machine to cheer up lottery ticket losers. Via REDDIT


Yes, how come you never see the headline “Psychic Wins Lottery?” except on a billboard? Via Jerry Whiting


Keep a hold of your lottery tickets round these parts, there’s a beaver stealin’ them from unsuspecting players. Via Blogspot


Only one of these other products should work best for a lottery player. We hope it’s the celebratory beer. Via Tzismile