The 5 lottery winning habits you MUST avoid to live a happier life


An elderly lottery winner trips on live tv and is attended to by the floor crew while the presenter battles on. She recovered just fine. Photo

Sometimes you can be so focused on winning that you forget about the barriers to lottery success.

There are certain traits I've noticed about some lottery players that are stopping them winning. If you recognize any of these problems, why not resolve to change them?

The answers are here:

1. Don't get too excited.

Success by winning the lottery can come early or late. You don't know when that next prize will light up the store lotto machine, and sometimes this uncertainty makes playing a lot of fun. But players who get crazy-eyed about winning immediately need to slow down a little. There's plenty of time to win.

2. Don't spend too much on tickets.

This might go against what I say all along about spending and playing more, but the real secret is HOW you spend. If you're going to go week after week blindly spending the same amount of money, you're expecting too much. Use the powerful LottoPredict to cut out your excess spending.

3. Don't be an amateur.

If you like playing the lottery for fun, my system will help you, for sure. But it's really designed for the pro player... the person aiming to get big and regular winnings. You can become a pro without study, or joining a university, or taking a home study course. Because being a pro is all in your head. One day you'll say to yourself - I want more out of life. And all you have to do is buy my PRO Custom Profiles. It's as easy as that.

4. Don't be a cheapskate.

I sell some advanced programs to help you win faster and spend more wisely, and these cost a little more. But you can't do without them if you really want to get ahead. You should aim to add a LottoPredict subscription and buy the PRO Custom Profiles as soon as you can. They will quickly pay off in a very real way by improving your winning odds.

5. Don't give up too soon.

While this seems an obvious statement, the fact is that many people play for a few weeks and give up when they don't get sizable winnings. I can tell you - after playing since 1991, that the rewards are enormous... millions of dollars are out there for the taking. My advanced PRO system was the key to getting Cathy there.

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