The 5 luckiest jobs for lottery winners are revealed in this poll - is yours here?


Builder Gareth Bull is on the winner's list, seen here with his wife Catherine.

British lottery players include most of the country's population, but a poll by the UK National Lottery shows which occupations get the most prizes.

Office workers, like this real estate team who won the USA Powerball, are among the winners. PHOTO: Taimy Alvarez / South Florida Sun Sentinel

Those able to take early retirement thanks to netting a million dollars or more include 83 IT workers, 71 accountants, 47 mechanics, 28 posties, 27 farmers and 27 members of the emergency services.

But the 5 biggest winners are none of these.

Graphic: The Mirror

If you want to win the lottery become a builder, as they are the nation’s luckiest winners with a total jackpot of £1.26 billion.

Figures from the National Lottery reveal they have banked the best results in the game’s 21 year history with 331 millionaires created.

The 5 luckiest jobs represented here at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. PHOTO: Belfast Telegraph

Cabbies, truckers and bus drivers are next in line when the lucky numbers are handed out with 193 professional drivers becoming millionaires since 1994.

And office workers take third place with 190 millionaires racking up a total of £840 million in winnings. Here's the full list:

1. Builders - 331 winners - £1.26 billion claimed in prizes

2. Drivers/transport - 193 winners - £750 million claimed in prizes

3. Administrators - 190 winners - £840 million claimed in prizes

4. Manufacturers - 176 winners - £615 million claimed in prizes

5. Shop assistants - 146 winners - £500 million claimed in prizes

Don't be discouraged if you are not on this list - there are still many other winners from being in retirement to beekeepers, and everthing in between.

A National Lottery spokesperson said: "Builders have managed to cement their luck over the years but there are millionaire milestones across all professions from cleaners to teachers and secretaries to postmen."

Retired postal service worker Eddie Beard won $1 million playing the Georgia Lottery.

"With six new millionaires made every week there is every chance these figures will change and your job will leap onto the list. But whatever your profession we can assure you the joy and amazement of receiving your giant cheque is just the same."