Tiger Wood's astonishing comeback and 2 lottery winning lessons to learn from it


A young Tigers Woods shows his amazing form on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Tiger Woods had a losing streak that had lasted many years. But now he's back on top.

His various ups and downs are a great lesson for lottery hopefuls too.

Here’s how...

We all know about his golfing skill - and the embarrassing SUV accident which turned into the greatest personal crash the world has seen. And then divorce.

But it was his appearance on Ellen DeGeneres's show a few years back that made the biggest impression on me.

Both Ellen and Tiger stood facing the back of the stage. It was covered in what seemed to be canvas, and there was a small hole about 1 foot in diameter fairly high up.

It was a contest. Tiger was going to demonstrate how to hit a ball into the hole, and Ellen would follow. Tiger took just a second to compose himself over the golf ball on its tee, then he hit it.

I've never seen anything like it in my life.

With a great thwack that resonated through the theater, the ball flew straight as an arrow right into the middle of the hole about 50 feet away.

He repeated the move exactly, but this time - after passing through the hole, the ball ripped through the backing!


In an instant I realized what made him great. It wasn't his enormous power. It was his focus and practice.

His father had taught him well. Since starting at the age of three, Tiger was well advanced in that sport by the time he reached his teens through constant and unending 'doing.'

And we all know the rest of his success story.

There are two lessons we can take from his tv demonstration and apply to winning the lottery:

#1. You can never start too early. Simply, if you haven't bought my System yet, now's the time to do it. Tomorrow is too late.

#2. You must focus like a laser. Tiger's ball flew straight as an arrow with an enormous force into the middle of the hole. It was the result of concentration and focus built up over years of practice. In the same way, you must concentrate on one game only. And play it to the end.

Don't get diverted with different opportunities... the game you concentrate on will be the one you win. Think of Tiger playing with decades of skill and experience.

But you could get the jackpot next week. You don't have to play for 30 years. It could all happen in 30 days, that's the beauty and power of the lottery.

Hi Ken; I bought your system ... after several months of receiving your tips. I read your instructions and took my time creating my profiles. I followed your advice and play the best odds game of 5 of 35. My first play was only 5 picks from my profile 1. Nothing. I then followed the draws for several weeks checking if I would have won anything. Nothing. Then saved until I could play at least the 35 picks ($35) of profile 1. I won ten dollars. Well that was good. Saved again, reinvested that $10 into playing all of profile 1 again. I WON $100,000!!!!!! on my second try. Your system works and your tips are very important to follow. I'm continuing to play and expect to win again. I'll write again when I do. Thanks for a system that works.

Regards, Ron

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