Ignore this #1 rule for scratch-off lottery tickets and you could miss out on millions


Halina Jozwik (left), with presenter Yolanda Vega, thought she had won only $7,000, until later the real amount of $7 million was revealed. PHOTO: New York Lottery

An Australian mother happily found what she thought was a $10,000 Instant Scratch win.

Luxe Riches scratch-off game, Australia.

Luxe Riches scratch-off game, Australia.

Then she discovered the win was actually a $100,000 prize - when the outlet she purchased the ticket from told her the prize amount was too high for them to pay in-store.

She assumed she had only won a few thousand dollars. It never occurred that she had won a top prize, reported Australian lottery organisation The Lott.

And a recent shopper from Renmark in South Australia enjoyed more than just some fun wordplay with their $10 Jumbo Crosswords Instant Scratch.

After the winner finished scratching their Crosswords ticket, they counted the number of full words scratched off and thought they had only twelve.

It wasn’t until they claimed their prize at The Lott office that they realised they actually had thirteen words and won the top prize of $150,000.

Last year, a hardworking couple from Bellmere, Queensland, was left absolutely stunned when they discovered what they thought was a $750 winning Instant Scratch-It ticket, was in fact a $100,000 top prize.

The wife, who originally scratched the ticket, believed she had won $750. It wasn’t until her husband checked the ticket that he thought they had won $10,000.

It was much bigger than they both expected!

These mistakes are quite common in scratch-card winnings. They are always resolved when the winner gets their card checked by the lottery organisation,.

But it could be a problem if the player thinks there is no prize at all and throws the card away.

#1 RULE: Always get every scratch-off and lotto ticket checked by mobile app or store machine. It only takes a few seconds but the effort could be worth it.

Think your scratch-off ticket has been tampered with? Watch this video for the steps you need to take to check your tickets. VIDEO: California Lottery

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