The popular WA lottery store that has produced 13 multi-million jackpot prizes


Staff members Amanda Badier (l) and Hayley Rakusin from the popular Kwinana Lottery store in Western Australia. PHOTO: Chloe Fraser

A Perth lottery store has just racked up its thirteenth Division One jackpot win.

An anonymous woman and her husband from Parmelia in Western Australia took home a third share amounting to AU$1.3M (US$895,000) of the AU$4 million jackpot.

Pete Andersson, the owner of Kwinana Hub Lottery Centre and News, said that he felt an enormous sense of pride and happiness after selling the winning ticket.

He said: “We always want to see our locals have a win, and we’ve been here for 19 years and this is now our 13th Division One prize.”


The Kwinana Hub town centre where the $1.3 million Division One prize ticket was sold on Saturday.

The woman prizewinner originally started a rumour she had won as a joke.

“I heard someone in Kwinana had won, so I went around telling everyone it was me,” said the woman.

“Eventually I checked the ticket, however I actually missed the line with the winning numbers. My son was looking over my shoulder and said ‘Mum, look, they are the numbers’. I guess the joke was on me in the end.”


The winning Saturday Lotto numbers were 8, 45, 6, 2, 39 and 36, with supplementary numbers 5 and 13.

Western Australian players have been raking in a fortune recently, with a Division One winner from the state in every Saturday Lotto draw so far.

The state's winners in May range from foster carers to Lego enthusiasts, Lotterywest spokesperson Hermione Coleman said.

Western Australia's Division One winners adds up to 24 since the Saturday win.

The LotteryWest live draw for Saturday Lotto: Results Draw 3947

ABOUT: West Australia Saturday Lotto

  • Lotto is played by drawing 8 numbers from a barrel of 45

  • The first 6 numbers drawn are the Winning Numbers

  • The last 2 numbers drawn are the Supplementary Numbers

  • The more Winning Numbers you have in each game line, the bigger the prize

  • The minimum entry is four games