The rich are different: The trait this millionaire possesses that you can copy to win the lottery


Multi-millionaire Sir Owen Glenn with his yacht "Ubiquitous." Exactly what about his wealthy life does he regret the most?

One of the country's richest men, freight operator Sir Owen Glenn, was once asked in an interview what he regretted most over his lifetime.

The now 79 year-old mogul replied in an instant, but his answer wasn't what anyone expected. He didn't talk about missed opportunities, bad timing, bad luck.

Or merging markets, competition, or the size of his yacht moored in Monaco harbor. Or the recent sale of his international business.

It was going bald. He missed his hair.

While it seems a small observation, it threw everyone off the track of the real meaning of his success. You see, like most other rich folk, Owen's true success was being a doer.

With hair or not, he was constantly moving, looking for opportunities to improve his business. And he's typical of wealthy people.

They take action.

There are two words that drive the rich, and they should drive you too.

Persistence is the primary one, and for lottery players. I've written lots on this word that produces more winners than any other.

But the other word that the wealthy use - and will get you winning faster too - is Action.

I take action every day by writing this newsletter to you. Most days, rain or shine, you'll find me sitting at my computer, ignoring the splendid harbor view outside my windows, writing to you. Nothing gets done without action.

There is a big advantage in taking action. It's motivating.

  • When you take action... when you fill out and buy your tickets, you feel motivated, energized, positive and happy about the world around you.

  • People are designed to be active and to take action. You feel better about yourself. You gain a sense of purpose when you make an action decision.

What happens after you buy a lotto ticket?

Taking this action will make you feel buoyed up by the possibilities of winning. You may have even started looking at the real estate pages for your mansion, or tramped through the glossy showrooms for that European dream car.

Everything you do from taking Action is directed towards winning this week.

Action is the key. Don’t wait for me to remind you.

Here's three simple Action steps you can take right away to start increase your winning chances, and without spending any money:

Action Step #1: Think about what you want from your lotto winnings. This is the fun part... dreaming and thinking of all the possibilities... a new house, new cars, helping your family and church, being free of all the problems you have right now. (I'll tell you this for nothing - money solves most of life's problems best!)

Action Step #2: Make a wish list. Turn all those thoughts into writing on a piece of paper. Don't hold back...write what YOU want. No-one else will see it, so you can be as creative as you want.

Action Step #3: Look at your wishlist every day, soon after you wake up. Imagine what it feels like to possess and use the things you buy, and how happy the people around you will be. There is no downside.

These action steps will boost your winnings, guaranteed.