The secret to how these 3 lottery winners finally grabbed a fortune and the simple method they used

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Ever wonder if some lottery players have a secret sauce… a method that gives them incredible results that the rest of us can’t imagine?

Turns out a simple action might just do it.

70-year-old Jesus Davila Jr (above) won $265 million in 2015 in the Illinois Mega Millions, and held the record up till then for the largest prize in the Illinois Lottery’s history.

The retired father of four spoke up during the presentation to say, "You can’t win if you don’t play," Davila revealed.

That was one obvious statement, but the other one was the real answer everyone was waiting for…


And the secret he shares with the other players on this page?

Davila says he played every day.

It’s an expensive strategy that few other players can match, but it does pay off. It worked for the next winner in this story.

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Here’s another example of the daily play’s success.

New York player and $10 million winner Michael Marks, 66, had been scratching every day at the same New York lottery store since the 1960’s.

And in September 2018 his persistence paid off. The Westchester County man is a New York’s scratch-off millionaire.

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New York presenter Yolanda Vega presents $10 million winner and daily player Michael Marks with his check at the A-Plus store. PHOTO: WABC TV.

The longtime Hartsdale lottery player bought a ticket every day at the A-Plus store. "This is my store," he said. "I come in here every day for a cup of coffee and my scratch-off tickets."

His $10 million win on a "$10,000 a Week for Life" scratch-off ticket lit up the machine when he checked it, he told the New York State Lottery.

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And Jose Salmon was so sure that he was going to win the Florida Lottery that he spent an amazing $600,000 over 9 years in a bid to get the jackpot. That’s $600 a day.

But it too paid off. He was one of four winners sharing a $52 million jackpot in the Aug. 29, 2007 draw. He chose a lump sum payment, and after tax he took home $5.3 million.

So the answer is there, ready for you to apply to your own play. Can you afford to win big by playing more often?

Try it. This has worked for these winners.

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