Stop doing these 13 money-sucking actions and grab an extra $100 a week to spend on lotto tickets


Fail! Some things should simply be stopped and NOT be done at all!

Want to win the lottery and never have to work again? Fine, I want you to stop doing all these things from now on:

  • Stop drinking (you know, the alcohol stuff).

  • Stop eating out, cook at home.

  • Stop buying coffee, take Starbucks off your list.

  • Stop buying lunch, brown-bag it.

  • Stop grocery shopping without a list.

  • Stop buying brand products, generics are fine.

  • Stop buying anything anymore, that means clothes too.

  • Stop buying books and magazines.

  • Stop buying bottled water, fill your own.

  • Stop driving, go by rail, bus.

  • Stop smoking, nuff said.

  • Stop buying bargains.

  • Stop any hobby which costs money.

If you stop making ALL these purchases, by my estimation you'll have at least $100 extra a week. More if you're a family.

Here's what you should do with the money you save...


Buy more lottery tickets.

Here's why... the lottery is the ONLY way you are going to turn a tiny investment into a vast fortune. A job won't do it. A business won't. Wishing won't.

You can ONLY do it by attacking the lottery with a steely determination that few others possess.

I want you to imagine a life without debt or hardship. Where every decision you make is based on "why not?" - instead of "can we afford it?"

Winning the lottery with $100 invested each game gives you a VERY real chance indeed.

And the more you can put into your drive to riches, the quicker it will be to achieve results.

There's no guarantee on how long it might take you, of course. It might take months.


In one case it took several years for Jose Salmon above to win $13 million without my System. But like him, the sacrifice will be worth every single penny. That eventual win will set you up for a life of ease, free from worry.

Is it worth the short term sacrifice? You bet! There's no other avenue on earth that will get big money into your bank account as fast.

You should take the step of faith now. Use all my System to control the outcome as much as you can, and go for it!