12 Weird Ways Lottery Winners Coped With Their Giant Jackpot Wins


Would you share the news of your lottery win with your pet if there was no-one else around? One winner did.

Some people admit to screaming at the top of their lungs when they win the lottery. Others handle it quite differently.

Here's some different ways winners cope with their wins according to a recent survey:


#- One winner was by himself when he found out, so he went outside, picked up the dog and told her.

#- 85 percent stayed in their regular jobs.

#- Other winners kept working but changed jobs for something more enjoyable. "Got another job paying less, but with less stress," said one winner.


#- More than half of all winners reported to being happier.

#- About 17 percent of lottery winners felt more relaxed, but for some it came at a price: “I gained weight because I had nothing to worry about," said one happy winner.


#- Only 4 percent of winners felt guilty about their win.

#- Most winners rush to tell their family first.

#- Only 5 percent have kept their win a secret.


#- Over 50% pay off their mortgage, or buy a new house.

#- One winner withdrew $10,000 in cash "just because I could."

#- 64% share their prize with family or friends.


#- Over 50% donated some of their win to charity.

And the most amazing statistic about winning the lottery?

This: 98% of winners still buy tickets!

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