These two lottery stories remind us how some winners cope with their giant jackpots


ABC News interviewed two winners to find out how they did it. PHOTO: Good Morning America

This Good Morning America interview with two major winners (watch below) reminds us that many winners have been able to succeed in doing what other winners couldn’t.

And that is to keep their winnings.

But one of these winners didn’t manage to hold on to her fortune.


Cynthia Stafford won a $112 million Powerball jackpot in 2007, and she tells how her life has changed since. Unfortunately she later lost it all.

The news wasn’t that good for Powerball winner Cynthia Stafford.

After a successful period where she appeared to be a thriving long-term winner, the jackpot escaped out of her hands.

Jim and Caroline McCullar won a whopping $190 million in a 2011 Mega Millions draw. See below how they dealt with the money after being married 41 years - it's great fun to watch.

Stafford filed for bankruptcy in January 2016. Apparently she gave too much money away to good causes, and ended up needing help herself.

The Good Morning America interview with two major winners, Cynthia Stafford, and Jim and Caroline McCullar. VIDEO: Good Morning America