These Amazing Paper Models Were Crafted From Just One Lottery Ticket. Genius


Modeler Phillip Fickling (inset) made the origami lottery ticket palm tree for this advertising billboard.

Believe it or not - the paper lottery model in this billboard was made from just one ticket. Phillip Fickling, who goes by the occupation of Paper Engineer, patiently created the extraordinary model for the New Zealand Lotteries ads.

Close-up detail of the palm tree that featured on the billboard. It even has a hammock!

Here's some more samples from the talented modeler...

Phillip says each one of these models was made out of an actual Lotto ticket. 

He had to wear a magnifying lens on his head and could only handle the tiny parts with tweezers because he said "my sausage-fingers were just too big."

When he dropped the Sphinx’s head on the floor - disaster. His dog thought it was a treat and ate it.

SOURCE: Phillip Fickling


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