This 19-year veteran sports betting guy gives advice that could profoundly change your lottery life


Teddy Covers is a veteran sports betting expert also known as Ted Servansky.

Sports betting is different to lottery playing in many ways. SuperBowl and horse betting is quite different to the Mega Millions. 

But there is advice we can get from the betting professionals and apply it to our own playing. After all, some of these players put up to $2 million dollars a DAY on the line, so it would be silly to ignore their wisdom.

Teddy Covers is a 19-year veteran sports betting expert also known as Vegas-based sports bettor and ESPN columnist Ted Servansky).

He made this interesting point in an interview recently that all lotto players can benefit from:

"In general, recreational players are looking to bet a little bit to win a lot. And in general, professional bettors are more than willing to pay a price to win a little."

Most lottery players fall into the category of 'recreational.' That means they are playing for fun, and playing small.

While the appeal of the lottery is that you can gain an enormous windfall for just the cost of a couple of dollars, the fact is getting the jackpot is quite difficult.


Diana Carmichael, seen here with husband Kerry, won $3.5 million from Powerball and The Pick lotteries - but they paid $200 a week for 20 years to get it. They should have used the Silver Lotto System!

I've often mentioned how the Silver Lotto System gets players right up to the last yard to a win... that last 98% point where luck takes over. It works tremendously well.

But look, you can't do that on a $2 ticket.

Successful play requires bigger steps. Maybe not as big as our story of the couple who played a weekly $200 a game for 20 years, but a change of attitude nevertheless.

Expecting to win big prizes on just a few dollars a game is simply not the best way.

To change from being a recreational player and start being a professional is quite easy. All you need is the three parts of my System:

1. The Silver Lotto System. This is the basic system, and you need it first to be able to use the other parts. It can give you up to 98% win rate.

2. LottoPredict. This $11/mth subscription won't help you win more. The Silver Lotto does that. LottoPredict helps you by reducing the amount of wasted money you spend on tickets.

3. PRO custom profiles. Because the number patterns are so unpredictable game by game, you need a series of changing numbers to match. You use LottoPredict together with the 4 PRO custom profiles to reduce ticket waste even further.

The end result is a finely tuned package that extracts the highest win chance from each game. And by using them all together, you jump from a recreational player to a professional.

The Silver Lotto is the only system of its kind to increase chances of winning through the three steps this way. And that's why it works.

LottoPredict is updated every week, and if you are going to get serious about winning prizes, you need to take the jump from recreational to professional right now by adding the parts you're missing from the System.

Teddy Covers also has this to say about betting in general. Read and absorb his words of wisdom:

"There were two lessons ... One, don't ever bet more than you can afford to lose. And two, if you are going to be betting you may as well be betting smart. Meaning, start using your head... Stop screwing around."