This Australian $80 million lottery jackpot will be the 2nd biggest win ever if struck tomorrow


Bonny View Store owner Hari Padmanabha, whose store sold a first prize Lucky Lotteries winning entry in 2018. PHOTO: Gazette

If the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot is won tomorrow, the lucky punter will be the second-biggest individual lottery winner in Australian history.

At $80 million, it is the biggest jackpot prize ever offered in the game’s 88-year history.

Lucky Lotteries is a unique raffle-style game where each entry is one-of-a-kind. This means there are no shared prizes, so whoever takes out the jackpot is guaranteed to walk away with the entire over $80 million prize.


Some of the biggest single-entry wins that have occurred over the last eight years include:

Over $38.1 million in the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot: This was the previous Lucky Lotteries jackpot record. One woman from Sydney’s Northern Suburbs took out the prize in 2011.

Oz Lotto $70 million jackpot: In 2013 a single Oz Lotto ticket took out a massive $70 million jackpot. The winning entry was claimed by a syndicate of friends.

Powerball $70 million jackpot: A Hervey Bay couple also won a $70 million windfall with a single Powerball entry in 2016.

Powerball $107.5 million jackpot: The current record for Australia’s largest individual lottery win was set in January of this year when a Sydney woman scored a mind-blowing $107.5 million Powerball prize.

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