Too good to be true? How to tell our System apart from the lottery hucksters


Most other lottery systems don't measure up! Here's how you can tell...

Let me be quite upfront with you. All these following 'facts' are not about me:

  • I haven't been shot in the leg for my lotto 'secret.'

  • I haven't studied fulltime for 27 years to bring you my lottery mystic numbers.

  • I am not connected with any 'professor' who has found the lotto holy grail.

All these things are rubbish statements from other lottery promoters about themselves.

I should call them hucksters. One even has stolen my System, uses my text in his website, and sends out word-for-word emails copied from mine.

The nature of our business - lottery - often means we are all tarred with the same brush. So how can you tell me from the other bad guys and scammers?

Here’s some answers for you.

Some people have difficulty with telling us apart, because to them it seems all lottery systems are the same and some things don't sound right:

“Ken, your stuff sounds too good to be true. What if everyone buys it, who gets the prizes then?”

He's asking: Is my System genuine? How does everyone win if they all use my System? Will it really reach saturation point so that only Silver Lotto players are winning prizes?

The surprise is that not many lottery players actually use my System in proportion to the number sold.

Sure, I've sold a lot of products to thousands of players over the years, but the emails I get back tells me many buyers simply haven't been using the System at all.

  • "I bought your program a couple of years ago and am now getting back into it..."

  • "I lost your PDF file when my computer crashed last year. Can you send me another one? My order number is...."

  • "I've been meaning to play but my mother got sick and then I changed jobs and it all got too much..."

So, many players just haven't been doing anything with my System at all.

Then there are the others who only play once a month, or only use 3-5 tickets a game.

There are many, many players like this. In fact, probably only 5-10% of my buyers play regularly according to the System. And hardly anyone plays it correctly, as I instruct them.

So there's a vast open plain of opportunity for you to play properly and suck up the prizes that everyone else is leaving on the table.

OK, what is 'playing properly?'...

1. Using more than 5 tickets on your coupon.

You've got to play more to win more. That's the quick answer, proven over years of trying. But sometimes people don't have the ticket money neccessary. That's why many fail to get wins.

I understand it can be expensive for some games. While I pay only 70c per ticket box for my game, most players pay up to $2 or more a box - and that adds up for them. So the next step is...

2. Find a cheaper game.

Let's say you're playing Mega Millions or Powerball or any of the big Powerball games in countries like South Africa or Australia. Well, you're spending more than you need to because these games only have a 1-star LottoPredict rating.

You'll get better results from LottoPredict using the 3-star game instead of Powerball (old graphic from my LottoPredict chart).

If you go to your LottoPredict chart and look at the left hand column, you'll see the stars. Three stars is good and you should be trying to play those games first. If you can't, and still want to play the 1-star games, then....

3. Use PRO for the 1-star games as well as the 3- star games.

I developed PRO not only so you can play every time LottoPredict tells you to (that's every game), but you get better results because it's designed to extract every advantage from the System no matter when you play.

The good thing about my System is that you can start in stages. There are only three parts to it... 

For example, if someone just buys the basic Silver Lotto System, it will improve their game a lot. It will get them winning the promised 80-98% of the time if they follow the instructions and play correctly.

Then there's LottoPredict.

This $11/mth subscription service brings up the game to another level by predicting what weeks are the best and worst to play.

Even if you're just a fun player, LottoPredict will hugely improve your game by cutting out the times you don't need to play, saving you a heap 'o cash.

But the serious players use PRO.

It uses the power of LottoPredict so there's a powerful combination of high win factors working for them. That's when power-players get close to my own 98% win rate.

And for all of us who get wins from the System - it really is almost too good to be true. Just ask one of our recent winners