These 2 simple words exploded Jeff's biggest lottery breakthrough

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What's the difference paying to watch a live band and buying lottery tickets?

I told Jeff I had a puzzle for him. He sat down with his drink at my table in the coffee shop.

"OK, shoot."

"What's the biggest breakthrough you can have playing the lottery?" I asked him.

"That's easy," he said as he stirred his brew. "Getting wins with your System after having none for years on my own - that was a big breakthrough for me."

I waited. He thought a bit more.

"Or maybe getting that big win after a lot of smaller ones?" he asked.

I shook my head.


"The biggest breakthrough came when you changed your attitude on buying tickets."

He was puzzled, but listened as I explained.

One of the most common questions I get goes something like this:

"Ken, I'm winning regularly but I'm also losing money. How can I get bigger wins to make up for my loss?"

First of all, celebrate. Rejoice. Dance in the street.

You've succeeded in doing what most of the population have failed to do... win a lottery prize.

When you consider the incredible odds against you - millions of number combinations out there and you picked one of them with my System - this has to be remarkable.

But after a while winning becomes normal.

Now you've set your sights on big wins.

First you need to remember the System will get you regular wins if you play right, but I can't guarantee the amount.


But here's the good news... every minor win has the potential to be the jackpot.

Problem is, no-one knows how to win just the big numbers.

So here's my point. You need to play often to increase your winning odds, but sometimes it becomes a chore and some players think it's expensive.

Until you reframe the problem.

Jeff found that after he changed his viewpoint, instead of looking at his ticket money as a loss he saw it for what it really is...

An Entrance Fee.

Forget trying to balance up your lottery profits and losses each week.

You are not a business. You are paying to play lotto... paying the organisers to get into a stadium game or a One Direction concert.

The secret is to persist until one of your wins changes from a $12 prize to $12 million. Then you won't care less what your entrance fee cost!