What amazing secret gave this lottery winning couple two million-dollar wins?


Diane and Kerry Carmichael won twice - 20 years apart - in the Arizona lottery, playing at the same store.

There are many stories of lottery players winning large prizes multiple times. What is most surprising is not that they won - but that after they won millions of dollars they kept on buying lottery tickets.

Was this habit, or greed? No-one really knows. But what we do know is that this modest Arizona couple won twice in an astounding double jackpot hit.

They won:

- $2.5 million in 1995, The Pick, Arizona
- $1 million in 2013, Arizona Powerball

What was their secret? You'll be reassured to know it's the same advice as I have given over 20 years and more of Silver Lotto System success...

"It's persistence," said Diane Carmichael. But there's more... an amazing financial investment they made which helped them achieve their wins.

They buy tickets every week. They spend a massive $200 a week on lottery tickets, and have done so since 1984. That adds up to $10,000 every year, a total of over $200,000 on tickets.

Kerry Carmichael talks to Fox 10 about their second win. Click to see the 3 minute interview.

"We've played every week since day one," said Kerry Carmichael.  The Carmichaels even have a special budget just for lottery tickets. 

"Some people play golf, some people play tennis, we play the lottery," said Kerry Carmichael.

The Carmichael's first win, a $2.5 million Arizona The Pick jackpot in 1995.

They also gave away these tips about their playing:

- They always buy from the same lottery office in Phoenix, Arizona.

- They have a method, but won't tell.

- They have a strong belief that they will win again, even after the second win.

- They play consistently, without fail, never missing a game for 20 years. 

"I still think there's one out there," said Diane optimistically. And despite the odds of billions to one for a further jackpot win, she could be right.