What I spied in the office room of a famous copywriter that shocked and changed my life


Another messy desk guy, former USA vice president Al Gore.

I stood at the office doorway and peered into the room. What I saw shocked me.

It was my first day at the branch of one of the world's most prestigious advertising agencies, over 30 years ago.

You may know the agency... a while back one of the founders was embroiled in a scandal when he grabbed his wife - the celebrity chef Nigella Lawson - by the throat in a London public restaurant.

And I was looking into the office of one of our country's most prolific copywriters. His job was to turn words and pictures into powerful advertisements that influenced lives and persuade people to buy products.

But his desk was a mess.


Paper stacked high overflowed into a gigantic heap on the floor that met me at the doorway.

Because everything he was sent he simply tossed on the desk or floor.

The office cleaners were instructed not to touch the pile, so they simply vacuumed around it.

Years of accumulated paperwork, just messing up the room he shared with one of the world's most famous typographers.

I don't know how his office companion put up with it.

But this copywriter did a fantastic job, churning out a variety of effective ads despite the chaos.

And today, years later, we all have this problem. But digitally.


Our email inboxes are overflowing with mail that we rarely get to see or answer.

It clutters up our lives and makes us stressed.

Very few workers get to inbox zero - the idyllic point where there are no emails or desks are clear at the end of the day.

This problem often happens with our lottery plans too.

We trial this system, then that one. We swap from one game to the next when the jackpot tempts us.

We have no plan, our game is in a mess, and our small wins reflect our uncertainty.


There is a way ... And I call it the Power of One.

  • ONE system.

  • ONE game.

  • ONCE a week.

 Immediately everything becomes easier. When there is less to think about, we can concentrate on the ways to improve the way we play.

There is no clutter messing up our chances.

In a survey I did here, players were asked how many times a week they played. Over 40% said they played twice a week. A third of you (32%) play more than that each week.

That's not effective. Spreading the risk doesn't work.

It's the same as cluttering up your desk... too many games played lightly just increases the number of tickets you throw on the floor.

When you get back to a relaxed ONE step focus and put all your energy into ONE game, you'll win more.


Is there a next step? Sure.

Once you have that ONE mindset clarity, that's when you bring in PRO. These Custom Profiles are simply the best way to make the most of every single game by helping you win faster with less wasted tickets.

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