Guess What This 37 Year-Old Man Did With His LOSING Tickets To Win Over $38,000


What did Florida winner Stephen Freauf, 37, of Seminole do with his losing tickets that most lottery players don't?

Unless you burrow down into the FAQ or sub-pages of many lotteries, you won't be told about this valuable way to win extra prizes from your game.

It's called a second-chance draw, and many lotteries have them. But you have to look for the details.

Stephen knew that the odds for a win are better with a second chance game, and as a result he won $38,000 from his losing tickets.

He had the choice of a 2010 Ford Mustang convertible or the cash-option value of the car which amounted to $38,000.


A 2010 Ford Mustang GT convertible. Freauf chose the cash prize.

Second chance draws are done by the lottery putting your non-winning tickets into another draw. Because not many players know about this option, few people play and the chance of winning is increased.


The Georgia second chance game will accept lottery tickets along with scratch cards.

While many lotteries accept only scratch cards, some like Georgia's Lottery will take your Cash4Life and some other lottery tickets.

You need to be legal resident of the U.S. 18 years of age or older, and a Georgia Lottery Players Club member. 


The Michigan Lottery draw is another second chance lottery for scratch-off games.

And if you're a member of the Michigan Lottery you can earn coupons, drawing entries, and more through the Second Chance games offered by the Michigan Lottery..

Some second chance games require you to mail in your losing ticket. Others tell you to go online and 
register the ticket’s serial number. Check your game and see if they have a second-chance option.

Always play the second-chance drawings. It's a great way to multiply your original tickets for a small amount of effort.

And it's worthwhile too. Many players either don’t know about the drawings or don’t take the time to enter, so your odds of winning are always better.

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