When you start dreaming your goals for life or lottery, this will happen


John Travolta's home...and jets...and runway. Anything is possible.

Dreaming goals will work. Pin a picture of your dream car on a vision board, write about it every day in a diary, and it will appear.

But some people dispute that. "If it were all about thinking, we’d all be billionaires," says financial planner Carl Richards on his blog talking about "The Secret" and other methods.

Carl puts his case, and wonders if hard work, patience and discipline is better than wishful dreaming.

Nope. Ignore Carl. Keep on dreaming.

Here's why. The brain is an extraordinary lump of tissue. It can control anything you put your mind to - and achieve it.

For example, you can lose weight simply by standing on the scales each morning. And doing nothing else. True.

Quitting the pounds this way is an interesting peek into the raw power of our minds, because what I'm going to tell you is exactly the same process that brings us our wishes... cars, boats and stuff... when we ask the 'universe.' It also works on our bodies.

How come?

You do it simply by concentrating on a problem or a desire regularly for long enough. That alone will make it happen. So when you stand on the scales daily, you'll notice your weight change slightly each day.

You'll maybe see fluctuations. Or it may stay constant for a while.

But what is indisputable is that you will NOTICE it, And that's the key.

Because, before long, your brain will start moving and acting on its own accord.

And almost invisibly you'll see your weight start to drop. That's because unconsciously you will do the things to lose weight... avoid processed foods, avoid sugars.

It's not a magical process. You're just becoming focused (another of my favorite words). The scales are reframing your thinking.

I talk about the brain acting unconsciously, separately from 'you.' But in reality it is connected. And so connected in a way that when you think about something, your body reacts. Think about tasting lemon juice, and you squirm in empathy.

I get a brainflood of ambition every time I see pictures of John Travolta's enormous Boeing 707 and Gulfstream jets parked right outside his home in Florida.

Imagine a life where your jets are ready for you just a few steps outside your front door! What a dream life that would be.

Of course I'm ignoring the reality... of the smell of aviation fuel through your living room, the noise of you parking your jet waking up your 2 year-old, the constant knocks on your door from aircraft technicians and civil aviation officials!.

But let's apply this dream theory to winning the lottery. But first I'll tell you why it works so well on things like cars and boats and lifestyle.

  • When you follow the principle of goal dreaming, all you are doing is putting your ambition in focus.

  • When you write your goal daily in a diary, you are reinforcing and concentrating on your goal.

  • When you make your goal vivid with pictures, smells and actions, you are making it real.

What happens is that your focus, your concentration, sharpens your mind. And when your mind is focussed on a goal, a dream, it starts activating in a strange way.

It starts looking for ways and opportunities to make that goal real. Maybe in a completely different way than you expected. For example, you may want a Ferrari. But you get the opportunity to drive one first from a school gala prize, and realize you don't want one after all.

There may be long periods when nothing happens. This is true in goal setting as well as the lottery. But actually your brain is waiting for a unique combination of events to occur. And this takes a while sometimes.

For example, when you are looking for your dream car, all combinations of financial deals, color combinations and the car's availability are sitting there in separate boxes waiting to be all lumped together in a perfect moment.

That perfect moment doesn't happen often. When it does, you need to act fast. But when it does work, all these factors of money, timing and features come together - click, click, click - in a smooth, uninterrupted style.

In every case when this happens to me, I know I'm going to achieve my goal. I'm unstoppable.

Now, sometimes you can make winning the lottery your goal. When you write daily, review it, and imagine your dream goals, it will happen. It happens because your brain is telling you to keep playing... to look for opportunities to improve your play.

And if you put additional items along with your lottery goal, you WILL achieve these too. And you may get them faster than if you had just won the lottery. Because as we know, winning the lottery is a random event that you can accelerate by using my Systems.

But wishing won't make the jackpot arrive any faster. It will just help you improve your actions to bring the jackpot closer.

What might happen is that you start getting all the other things you wanted.

And that's got to be the best result as well!