Why do you need a wishlist to start winning the lottery? 3 steps to take today


They made a film out of a wishlist, with a young-looking Jack Nicholson (l) and Morgan Freeman (r) in 2007.

What difference will setting a goal make to your lottery winning?

A goal is essentially a wish list. Like a grocery list, you write down what you want, go down to the store and pile the items into your trolley.

Now, here's a twist. According to studies if you visit a grocery store while hungry and without a list, you'll come away with 50% more than you expected.

And that's often a lot of wasted groceries.

Because when you go shopping, you are actually predicting what you'll need over the coming week or days. If you rely on chance, you'll come away with the wrong stuff.

Make sure your list is timely. Same with the lottery. If you don't know what you want, you'll spend a lot of money trying to find out. You need a list of some kind to focus your thoughts.

Here's 3 ideas for making your list work:

1. Make a wishlist. Write down everything you want to do with your lottery winnings, including charities and crazy vacations. Make it detailed and put some emotion into it... "I love being on the beach in Hawaii, feeling the warm breeze and listening to the waves as I sip an orangeade."

2. Review the wishlist daily. Relive the desire you had when you wrote those wishes. Make new ones if they appeal, delete some if they feel stale. Make it a living list that talks to you.

3. Pinpoint the game you want to play. Don't try another game if you're not getting results. Work with the Star Rank in your LottoPredict to get the best game for your area, and stick with it. As with most successes in life, everything comes to those who persist with a single plan and follow through.

This list works because it's easy to get hungry, tired and discouraged during your week.

That's exactly the time when you'll waste your money on quick-picks or not spend enough on tickets to make any difference (that amount is about $20, or 10-20 tickets with your Silver Lotto System).

When you have the list, you'll feel positive and encouraged about winning. It works!