Why you should be celebrating a Bonus Ticket lottery win even when you don't feel like it


I won these 4 bonus tickets along with my 8 winning tickets a while back.

A Bonus Ticket is a wonderful thing. Yes, really. Because it means that one of your lottery lines won a prize.

Even though you didn't get any cash.

But you're depressed because this ticket was not a hundred million one, and you expected the Silver Lotto System to get you a much bigger result.

But aren't you overlooking one of the System's greatest benefits?

You actually won a prize when hundreds of millions of other players didn't get a cent.

It's actually amazing.

But your inner voice whispers that you don't care because it wasn't the Big One.

Well, it's time to stop feeling sorry for yourself... because if you got one free prize - then you'll get another just as easily. That's what the System promises.

And delivers:

Hi Ken, Your lottery system is a great success with me. Last week I won $21,060 and some change :) The best part was that I have never won anything in my life before this, and have wasted thousands on other useless programs.

Kim S. (sea*********@yahoo.ca)

So the next winning ticket could be the large jackpot you're waiting for.

I see every Bonus Ticket as a huge success because it signifies a win when most players don't get one.

And I know that next one could be the elephant winner that crushes all my past efforts.

So celebrate. You're actually doing great!