This is why you're probably buying your lottery tickets at the wrong time


This New York lottery ad depicting a library reminded me of my time there looking for the perfect lotto system.

I can vividly remember the two years it took me to develop the Silver Lotto System. I was visiting the local libraries, poring through books, trying to figure out how to win the lottery. This was before the internet got started.

It happened just a short while after I became so broke I couldn't even afford $20 to fill my car with gas.

But it was just a couple of years later that everything changed. I got a job, and I finally discovered the System that gave me winnings of over $2 million on paper. I thought I was set for life.

Like Darrell Burnette I also had over $2 million in wins with my System back in 1993.

Or was I? How good was that System going to be for regular wins?

To my annoyance I discovered that many times I would come away from the lotto store with no winnings. My excitement in getting multiple wins in the past few weeks went to zero as none of my tickets won a cent that week.

This went on for years, until suddenly the penny dropped. My System worked - I had proven that beyond all reasonable doubt.

But I was buying the right tickets at the wrong times!

It took a while, but then I suddenly realized how to fix it by realizing there's a sequence to winning numbers. And I noticed that some weeks my numbers were very different from the win results.

Then, the following week I get a series of wins that make me wonder what went wrong. But there was a distinct pattern, and as soon as I discovered this pattern, I jumped on it. Because number patterns are my business.

This is definitely the wrong pattern for a lottery ticket.

It took many more months before I was able to break the code, but I did - and LottoPredict was born. I first called it Lotto-80.

I named it like this because it had a reliability win factor of at least 80%.

And along with the improvement that the Silver Lotto System gave me meant that together they both boosted my total win rate again.

But the best part - I could now choose when to buy my tickets when LottoPredict showed a no-win game.

The result was my winnings climbed rapidly.

My 22 ticket win has been the biggest in a single game yet.

I credit LottoPredict as being the biggest factor in my System for improving winning odds.

But it still left gaps.

There were still many weeks where buying tickets was useless... when LottoPredict showed the game was not a good match for my Silver Lotto System tickets. So I just had to wait until the right time came round again.

I don't give up easily. I went back to my calculations and found more patterns that identified the losing weeks. Then I matched the losing numbers to make different profiles - which started the PRO Custom Profiles.

The PRO breakthrough gave the whole system a boost and made it what it is today - a hugely efficient form of lottery winning for serious players.

You don't need a lot of money to play my System.

If you want to play cheaply, you can use the Silver Lotto System, playing with as little as $10 a game and your chances will be vastly improved each time.

But to get to full winning power, you need to use LottoPredict and then use the PRO profiles along with it.

It's been a long time since I sat in the cramped room I called my home office at that remote farmhouse. Sheets of paper spread all over the desk. A solitary light shining each night for the 2 years I tried to break the lottery winning code.

The result is what you see today.

It has been so effective that I've never needed to change it. I just update the figures from time to time as my research improves the averages.

But it's very similar.

This year you can buy my years of research for just a few dollars. I keep prices this low because I want I share my secret and improve the lives of many winners.

Our country (New Zealand) also has a very good currency exchange rate, so US dollars give me much more value and I can keep prices low because of this.

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