WINNING TRAITS: Are you a walk-away lottery player?


This amusing photo shows there are some fans that celebrities like ex-president George Bush don't want to meet!

I recently read an article which gave tips on how to meet an important person when that person was talking with someone else.

After some discussion, this was the result the article suggested: Walk away.

It recommended you walk away and find another time to meet this person, so you don't rudely interrupt their current situation.

I disagree, and here's why...

When you walk away, you could be giving up the opportunity of a lifetime to meet that person.

Look at it this way. Let's say you wanted to win lotto, but of course there were hundreds of thousands of others competing for the prizes.

What do the majority do? They think the odds are against them, and they give up - and walk away.

This should be a wake-up call for you.

Nothing can ever be accomplished by walking away.

Every opportunity must be seized at the moment and worked on proactively. Only this way will you ever achieve anything.

Everyone has read how Thomas Edison made thousands of trials before he invented the incandescent lamp.

Just think what would have happened if the first experiment hadn't worked and he had walked away.

The only way you can win is to take part in a lottery, persist and play, and never give up.

Never walk away.



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Thanks, Phil F.