Lottery Winners Would GIVE UP True Love For Tiny Amount Of Money, Survey Reports


EuroMillions lottery winners Dave and Angela Dawes, who bought singer Tom Jones’ home (bottom right) in 2018, could be heading for trouble with their £101 million jackpot, according to this survey. PHOTO: The Sun

An off-the-wall survey recently found that nearly 4 people in every 100 would give up their partner for a $10,000 lottery win. And the result gets worse as the winning money goes up.

An amazing 9 out of 100 would give them up for $100 million or more. But there's some good news...

Luckily nearly 78% would stick by their partner, no matter what the winning lottery amount was.


The survey by Holos Research also found some unusual facts:

  • 58.37% said they would want to win the lottery over being famous (3.35%) or find the love of their life (38.28%).

  • A vast majority of those surveyed (70%) said that money can't buy happiness, but 30% said it can get you pretty darn close.

  • 62.68% of people, despite disliking their in-laws, would not give up their mother in law for any type of lottery winning. 13.64% said they would give her up for less than $10,000. Just enough to buy their spouse an apology gift.


The survey went on to ask if they won a $100 million lottery jackpot, which of these would they do first? The results were interesting:

  • Roll around naked in $100 bills (1.91%)

  • Give money to the homeless (12.20%)

  • Quit your job (24.88%)

  • Invest half of it (61%)

What would they be most likely to do if they found a winning lottery ticket on the street They said:

  • Keep it for themselves (65.07%)

  • Try to find the owner (33.01%)

  • Destroy it (1.91%)

The 2015 survey was conducted online by Holos Research on behalf of online lottery pool LottoLishus

. A total of 418 individuals were polled, with a margin of error of 5%.

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