These 10 lottery rules will speed up your winning rate


It took Eddie Uy 21 years of trying before winning this $7 million jackpot in Canada's Lotto 649. He could have shaved off many years with the Silver Lotto System.

Here's a list of 10 rules and actions you need to take today to win faster and more often.

Study them closely because they are the secret to turning the rest of this year into the best one you've ever had:

1. Have a timetable and stick to it. Don't just play when you feel like it. Whether you have chosen to play once a week or twice a month... whatever interval you have selected... stick to a schedule that you decide is best for you.

2. There's a lot of misinformation out there. Don't believe other 'experts' when you are trying to win. Look for system owners like me who can prove their system works and have many winner testimonies to back it up.

3. Don't play when everyone else does. Go against the crowd. Many players choose a game day because it fits in with their shopping trip at the mall. Instead, find a day that no-one plays, and you won't have to share your jackpot with dozens of others. Ask your local lotto shop which day is least popular and play on that one.

4. Don't fall for horoscopes, good luck charms or other lotto programs. They won't work. Some Silver Lotto System buyers put their own numbers in 'for good luck' but this messes up the System. Stick with what cannot beat a good system like mine that has been fine tuned with years of experience and research.

5. Play the same number of tickets each time. If you have the budget to play 30 lines from the Silver Lotto System, then play those same tickets each game. Don't think another different 30 lines for every game will be better - it won't. The undeniable fact is that consistency always pays.

6. Never miss a game. There are countless stories of major winners who have played EVERY game until their win comes up. We have stories too of players like Lester R who missed out on a $1 million jackpot because he failed to play that weekend.

7. Don't give up too soon. Every breakthrough in life - and lotto - has come just when things seem to be at their bleakest. Day follows night. Dry follows rain. Everything changes, and you need to be there when your numbers finally come up. Keep playing through the hard times.

8. You are not losing money when you buy lottery tickets. The money you pay for tickets is an entry fee, not a blue chip investment. Know the difference. Paying for tickets is the only way you can be in to win, so suck it in and pay the small price. There is no other way in this magnificent and bountiful world to gain so much money for such a tiny payment than the lottery.

9. Don't play games with bonus balls unless you use the PRO Custom Profiles. If you have a choice in your town, state or country, play the game that has the lowest numbers and lowest balls. Play in this order: 5 ball games, then 6-ball games. Take part in higher number games like Mega Millions or Powerball only if you have no other choice. The odds improve with the lower ball games.

10. Don't play games with high numbers. As I said in (9), you need to play the game with the lowest amount of balls and numbers. The lower the number of numbers in your game, the better your odds. If you have a choice of playing two games containing, say, 45 numbers or 60 - go for the low 45 game!

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