This Family's Secret: They Have Won A Big Lottery Prize Every Time Mother Gives Birth


Hege Jeanette Oksnes (left) produces both good fortune and children.

A Norwegian mother of three has a startling secret. The 29-year old gas station operator bizarrely produces both children and lottery wins each time she gives birth.

Each time Hege, from the tiny Austevoll island off Norway's west coast - gives birth, someone in her family wins the national lottery.

"This is completely insane... we don't even play the lottery that often," Oksnes said only days after the family collected 12.2 million crowns (US$1.4 million) with their third lottery win in six years.

So far their family has won:

  • 2006: 4.2 million crowns (US$512,000 )

  • 2009: 8.2 million crowns (US$1m)

  • 2012: 12.2 million crowns (US$1.4m)

The young mother told AFP she has three brothers who have yet to win the lottery, and they asked her to have at least 10 other children.

 After three children though, it may be time to call it quits.

"My husband thinks we have enough money now," she said.

The Oksnes bought new cars with the winnings and did a bit of travelling, but they have put most of the money in the bank while looking for a dream property to build a new house.

The Norsk Tipping AS lottery company says it has seen cases where one person has won the lottery twice, but never three members of the same family winning separately in such a short period of time.

SOURCE: Huffington Post

ABOUT: Norsk Tipping AS is the national lottery operator in Norway, located in Hamar. The company offers a wide range of lottery, sports and instant games in the Norwegian market. Founded: October 24, 1946, in Oslo, Norway