25 crazy things rich people bought just because they could, and one of them is a rock from Mars

There are only 132 rocks on earth that have been identified as coming from Mars, which is why some rich guy paid over $450,000 for it. Any lottery winner could have also bought a letter from physicist Albert Einstein too, for only $3 million. See them all - they're fascinating!

Perfect for the idle lottery winner - an automatic cover for your car that converts into something amazing

No longer will lottery winners have to face seeing bird droppings on their precious Ferrari roof when they're parked under trees In Rodeo Drive. This amazing - and expensive - cover will protect it! Then when you're ready to go camping, guess what it turns into at the press of a button. Buy several for all your cars!

RICH IS: A Ferrari inspired luxury golf cart that will set lottery winners apart from the crowd


It’s called the F5 Luxury Golf Cart, and if you want to get through the boring parts of your game - the travel between those little round holes - in style, then this $23,800 red electric wonder is the answer. Owning this will put lottery winners squarely in the 1% where they belong. You get a chrome tilt steering column, 15” custom rims and a 24mph motor.
SOURCE: Luxury Carts

Wondering how to spend your lottery win? Start by taking a trip to Dubai to see how they spend their wealth differently

Once you've bought the big screen tv and a couple luxury autos, you wonder what you can possibly buy next that's really interesting. Take a few tips from the ideas here from Dubai where they have mastered the art of big spending. And many of these items you'll only see in that country.

RICH IS: Relaxing In A $30K Noise-Proof Waterbed Pod Listening To Soothing Music


This personal wellbeing pod uses pleasant sound, gentle vibration, and soothing light to transport the lottery winner’s body, mind, and spirit to a tranquil state of relaxation. Handcrafted from fiberglass into a smooth, shiny gel-coat surface, the pod’s ellipsoid exterior blocks 90% of outside noise.

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This Multi-Millionaire Lives A Lavish Lifestyle on $100,000 A Month... Lottery Winners Can Learn From This Bling Couple

Forced out of Germany because of their love of luxury? That sounds about right. Entrepreneur Bastion Yotta runs beauty and software companies. He watched American tv shows like Baywatch as a child and dreamed of living in California. He overcame the jealous views of his countrymen and women by leaving Germany and taking on the American dream. What lessons are there for lottery winners? Watch and see how you too can avoid the pitfalls of wealth.

25 Surprising And Outrageous Things Rich People Buy That Will Probably Shock You... Just Wait Till You See #9

Here's a list that every lottery winner should look at, because some of them are simply genius. Some of the outrageous items are: Multiple copies of the same thing, fine art insurance, private lessons from pro-athletes or other famous people, valet parking keys, theme parks for a day. Check it out.

What Lottery Winners Do Differently In Their Weekends Off [VIDEO]

Of course the really rich - including the lotto-winner rich - have week-long weekends. No matter, the Washington State Lottery managed to capture a neat little twist on what you could do with some of your lotto winnings this weekend. Watch it right through, and be ready for a laugh in the final moments.

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