Lost your lotto ticket? Shock investigation shows some lotteries will pay out to avoid negative news

This CBS video found that sometimes a lottery pays out in order to keep the image of their organisation favourable. Two undercover California Lottery investigators talk about how a lottery paid out a $1.9 million Powerball jackpot when the ticket wasn't handed in.

Rub this US Powerball winner's tattoo and you never know, some luck might rub off


Felipe Piña, who won $62.8 million in the USA Powerball back in 2007, is still considered a good luck charm in his community just south of the Colorado state line.

The former auto shop owner has a tattoo of his winning numbers on his right arm, and people visit him to rub the tattoo before they buy their own tickets.

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The remarkable story of $315 million Powerball winner Jack Whittaker left me in pure disbelief

It was hard watching the trail of self-destruction in this rare 20/20 interview that was the life of USA Powerball winner Jack Whittaker. And I couldn't help wondering how this successful businessman, already worth $17 million at the time, could have got it so wrong.

You won $500 million on the Powerball lottery. So how much is REALLY yours to keep?

So your multi-million dollar win is sitting in the bank and you're pretty happy about everything right now. But then your finance manager taps you on the shoulder. "I think there's something you should know..." she says. Forbes.com looks into a winner's money and comes out with some surprising options for you.