Before You Go To The Flat Belly Tip...


… I want to give you some quick information about author Mike Geary who wrote the tip.

Mike is a nutritional specialist who has owned the website Truth About Abs since 2005. You can find out a lot about him on the net, but I wanted to share something special you probably won't know.

A few years back, he was selling over $25 million of his health products a year.

That’s over $2 million a MONTH!

That's a lot of books and courses. It stunned the web and caused much comment.

He has written many best-selling books, with over 1.25 MILLION copies sold world-wide and growing.

You can see his most popular book, Truth About Six Pack Abs here.

He's a qualified nutritional expert and all-round good guy who has been in this business for many years. You can rely on him to give you excellent researched advice that works.

Here’s a rare video interview with Mike in a ski lift.

But come back and view it later - you’ll want to get on to the Flatten Your Belly While You Drive tip!

Now, his website doesn't look that great. In fact, you may be put off because some of it looks dated.

But if you can get past that, you'll uncover some really valuable information.

Click on the button below and it will take you to this page on his website:

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Ken Silver
- Silver Lotto System Founder