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Winners can choose one of these Prizes:

  • A Silver Lotto System and 6-month LottoPredict subscription.

  • Set of 4 PRO Custom Profiles.

  • More Prizes Coming! Visit here daily to see them arrive.

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Make sure you’re signed up to our Lotto Tips newsletter to enter. Every day at noon NZST, we draw a subscriber’s email and post the winner in the chart above. As a guide, that’s:

9 am in Sydney
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7 pm in New York
7 pm in Ontario Canada
Midnight in London UK

If your email is showing there, you’ve won. Contact us at the HOW TO CLAIM section below.

The Free Daily Draw is a free-to-enter promotional sweepstake owned and operated by Ken Silver who runs this great Lotto Life website. Anyone can enter the Draw from anywhere in the world just by signing up for the Lotto Tips newsletter on the sidebar.

The Free Draw is intended to introduce as many people as possible to the Silver Lotto System and to meet our charitable targets.


Choose between these two great prizes:


#1 - Silver Lotto System with lifetime membership and 6-month LottoPredict subscription, worth $105.95.
This great prize is the world’s best lottery method proven to work since 1991. If you already have a LottoPredict subscription, this is added to your existing one.

#2 - Set of 4 PRO Custom Profiles valued at $148.00. 
You’ll need the Silver Lotto System and a LottoPredict subscription to claim this prize. You can see which PRO Custom Profiles you can choose by viewing the list at the bottom of the sidebar on this page.


1. If you see your email address in the Winner’s box, check out the NEXT DAILY DRAW: timer at the top of the page. That’s long you have until your email disappears and your 24-hour claim time is over. Be quick!

2. Check your email address against the winning Free Draw email. There are privacy asterisks in the Draw address for security, but the email will be easy for you to identify as your own.

3. Email me straight away to claim. Send from your winning Draw email address and email me at askkensilver+won@gmail.com with "Won" in the subject. Don’t send an email if your address is not showing (for example, if you forgot and emailed me the next day when the address was gone).

4. Tell me in your email which choice of the two prizes available you want. You'll get an automated reply within a few minutes confirming I've received your email, and I will get back to you within 24 hours with your prize details. 


IMPORTANT! We don’t contact you if your winning Draw email appears. It is your responsibility to see if you’ve won by visiting this page, so bookmark it now.

  • Draws take place daily at noon NZST for 365 days of the year. 

  • Winners are selected randomly without favor, country choice or pre-selection.

  • You need to be over 18 years of age to enter.

  • Every winner's email will be put back into the Draw, so you can win multiple times.

  • You may be asked for a testimonial as part of this winning agreement. That shows publicly that the draws are valid.


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