These 5 quick steps are to show how you will be using LottoPredict

LottoPredict is designed to be used with your Silver Lotto System to allow you to win faster and more often. LottoPredict tells you when to play for 56 games and 115 game days.

First you need to be a Silver Lotto System member. Once you are, here's how you'll be accessing LottoPredict:


#1. How To Login To LottoPredict

Click on the LOGIN in the top menu of this blog and get your Silver Lotto Membership Site login.



Fill in your login details. If you can't find your password it's a simple step to get it sent to you.


Once you get into the Silver Lotto Membership Site, click on the LOTTOPREDICT menu. 



This will take you to the LottoPredict page where you'll see instructions and the week's predictions there.


 Now that you know how to find your LottoPredict chart, click this link and move to the next step:

#2. Using The Prediction Boxes